A Room With A View

Welcome to A Room With A View competition!

The competition is to find the best travel “office” with a view in the world.

The winner will receive $100 cash!

I use the  word “office” loosely….it might be a sun deck,  your laptop and waves breaking in the background or an alpine hut with you and your iPad and mountain as the backdrop. The are no restrictions or guides on this.

The view from my office aka a hut in rural china

The only rules are:

  • Your office needs to be visible in the photo
  • One photo per subscriber
  • No photoshopping. I’m a photographer and an avid fan of photoshop so i’ll know when more than basic adjustments are made
  • For photo’s to be eligible, photo file names must follow the following convention: username_photoname_continent_country_city or town.jpeg

The competition submission will be open for the next 12 weeks. The judge is you…the competition is crowd sourced and you will vote on the submissions. Every week, two “rooms with a view” will go head to head to go through to the next round. You can view all the submissions on the “A Room With A View Uploads” page.

The winner will win $100 cash :), easy.  I look forward to seeing your Room With A View!

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